Celsee continues to expand its intellectual property in single-cell analysis

Celsee Diagnostics, an innovator in microfluidic rare-cell isolation, characterization and retrieval platforms announced today the receipt of three additional US patents for their single cell capture and analysis technologies, adding to the company’s expanding IP library.

U.S. Patent No. 9610581 B2, “System and Method for Capturing and Analyzing Cells”, applies to the Celsee PREP400 platform and covers methods for automated reagent delivery to a microfluidic device manipulating single cells. US Patent 9612199 B2, “System for Imaging Captured Cells”, relates to the Celsee ANALYZER fluorescent imaging system. Lastly, US Patent 9606102 B2, “System and Method for Capturing and Analyzing Cells”, applies to methods for cell capture in a single-cell format and electrophoretic separation of single-cell contents.

“The issuance of these additional patents continues to emphasize the pioneering cutting-edge technology we use in our products offerings, protects our current products and provides enabling options for future product development. We harness our technology strengths to develop products that supply unprecedented workflow integration and performance. We will continue to develop and deliver industry-leading products for rare- and single-cell isolation and analysis to spark the next wave of discoveries in precision biology,” said Celsee Diagnostics’ President and Chief Executive Officer Kalyan Handique.

About Celsee Diagnostics
Celsee Diagnostics, a privately-held company, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative, integrated microfluidic systems for rare- and single-cell isolation, analysis, and enumeration for Oncology/Immuno-Oncology life science and clinical research applications. The label-free Celsee PREP100 and PREP400 platforms perform all the required processing steps to isolate and execute single-cell analysis including immunochemistry, DNA FISH and mRNA FISH, while the Celsee ANALYZER scans and analyzes the prepared microfluidic chip automatically. The Celsee PREP SingleCell platform integrates isolation, staining and retrieval providing an unprecedented yield, almost 100%, of viable cells for culture, PCR or NGS at a cost of one-tenth that of competitive systems. Platforms can be used alone or in tandem in a streamlined workflow.