Collaborative studies will focus on the use of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) as a biospecimen for PD-L1 quantification and as a tool for tailoring therapy in metastatic lung cancer.

Celsee Diagnostics, an innovator of cutting-edge liquid-biopsy and rare-cell detection products, and IncellDx, a single-cell diagnostic company offering transformative diagnostic and prognostic clinical patient information based on a reagent platform allowing simultaneous, quantitative single cell-analysis of proteomic and genomic biomarkers, announced today that they have entered into a collaboration to determine the feasibility of using peripheral blood to perform IncellDx’s Quantitative PD-L1 assay (OncoTect iO™) on Celsee’s rare cell isolation and analysis platforms, that may predict therapy response to metastatic cancers.

During the studies, Celsee Diagnostics will perform the OncoTect iO quantitative PD-L1 assay on peripheral blood samples from metastatic lung cancer patients using the Celsee™ PREP400 and the Celsee ANALYZER. These data will then be compared with OncoTect iO data from primary tumors to assess the potential similarities and differences between cancer cells in peripheral blood and tumor tissue dissociated with IncellDx’s IncellPREP (IVD) kit. Ultimately, this analysis will be used to tailor therapy that more closely addresses the clones capable of spreading.

“Immunotherapy shows great promise for the treatment of specific types of metastatic cancer. This collaborative study will continue to validate the use of the Celsee PREP platform for detecting a wide range of surface biomarkers on rare cells in the blood, and substantiate the value of the platform for use in prognosis and therapeutic decision making,” stated Celsee Diagnostics’ Chief Executive Officer Kalyan Handique, Ph.D.

“Immuno-oncology is in need of non-subjective, quantitative assay approaches that can incorporate simultaneous protein, RNA in situ hybridization, and DNA cell cycle determinations as delivered by the IncellDx assay platform. Our platform is well suited for the Celsee microfluidic chip system and possibly extends the applications from blood to rare-event detection in primary tumors,” said IncellDx’s CEO and Founder, Bruce Patterson, M.D.

The technologic synergies between the two companies can certainly enable application to additional tumor types.

About Celsee Diagnostics
Celsee Diagnostics, a privately-held Michigan-based company, develops automated systems for rare CTC enrichment and single-cell analysis. The company’s platform for research and clinical diagnostics development will allow healthcare professionals more time to focus on their patients’ therapeutic treatment and outcomes. The label-free Celsee PREP platforms perform all the required processing steps to isolate and execute downstream single-cell analysis including immunochemistry, DNA FISH and mRNA FISH, while the Celsee ANALYZER scans and analyzes the prepared slide automatically.

About IncellDx
IncellDx is a single cell diagnostic company committed to advancing Precision Medicine by offering transformative diagnostic and prognostic clinical patient information based on an innovative technology platform that enables simultaneous, quantitative, single cell protein analysis, multiplex RNA in situ hybridization, and DNA cell cycle analysis. Visit for more information.