Microfluidic system allows for rare single-cell enrichment, analysis and retrieval.

Celsee Diagnostics, an innovator of cutting-edge liquid-biopsy products, announced today the receipt of it first patent in China for the company’s single-cell capture system. The patent, “Cell Capture System and Method of Use”, applies to the company’s fundamental microfluidic technology for single-cell capture, analysis and retrieval, and was assigned Chinese Patent Certificate No. 2179013 by the State IP office of China. Filed on July 25, 2012, the patent issued on August 17, 2016 and has a twenty-year term from the date of filing.

The patent covers innovations of Celsee Diagnostics’ microfluidic chip for capturing rare cells of interest. The microfluidic chip is designed in a grid format with multiple parallel chambers, which allow tens of thousands of cells to be captured in individual chambers. Each chamber has an open end connected to the inlet channels and a pore connected to the outlet channels. Liquid flows into the inlet channels, through the pores of the chambers, and exits into the outlet channels. Methods for cell capture, cell analysis, depletion and retrieval are also included in the invention.

“Celsee Diagnostics has an impressive queue of disruptive intellectual property with global impact. The issuance of this patent validates Celsee’s strategy of protecting its technology internationally as it embarks on making its innovative products available for cancer research and diagnostics worldwide. There is tremendous interest in the isolation of single cells for genomics and other studies. Celsee’s products provide access, efficiency and simplicity, the most desirable attributes related to products for use in single-cell isolation, analysis and retrieval,” said Priya Gogoi, Celsee Diagnostics’ Vice President of Research and Strategy.

About Celsee Diagnostics
Celsee Diagnostics develops automated systems for rare CTC enrichment and single-cell analysis. The company’s precise, accurate, and reliable platform for research and clinical diagnostics development allows healthcare professionals more time to focus on their patients’ therapeutic treatment and outcomes. The label-free Celsee PREP platforms perform all the required processing steps to isolate and execute downstream single-cell analysis including immunochemistry, DNA FISH and mRNA FISH, while the Celsee ANALYZER scans and analyzes the prepared slide automatically.