Capture CTCs

Celsee Diagnostics’ liquid biopsy technology quickly captures circulating tumor cells (CTCs) label-free in six minutes.


Analyze CTCs

CTCs are captured and prepared on the Celsee PREP platforms and analyzed via our five-color Celsee ANALYZER system.


Monitor CTCs

Our revolutionary liquid biopsy technology offers cancer researchers a simpler, easier way to monitor their research progress.


Get Started

A nominal investment in instrumentation gets you started developing, analyzing and learning about rare cancer cells.

Cancer metastasis occurs when tumor cells disassociate from the primary tumor, enter the circulation, and migrate to distant organs through the peripheral blood stream or lymphatic drainage. These circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are frequently present in the blood and bone marrow of patients with breast, prostate and colon cancers, in concentrations as low as one cell per 100 million to 1 billion blood cells, and can provide a minimally-invasive approach for tumor characterization.

At the core of Celsee Diagnostics’ PREP platform for CTC enrichment and analysis is a standard microscope slide size microfluidic chip containing over 56,000 individual wells with an 8 micron pore.

Blood flows into the central inlet port, through the chip channels and wells to one of the four corner outlet ports at a psi similar to a blood capillary. Smaller red blood cells and the majority of white blood cells pass through the pores while larger, less deformable CTCs become lodged in the wells at an 85% capture efficiency.  Background WBCs are quickly identified by CD45, a white blood cell marker.

Interested in Single-Cell Analysis of Captured CTCs?



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